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Dear Dr. Guo,

As you are aware, I was very much in need of medical care when I finally decided to give acupuncture a try. I'm a diabetic with an advanced case of foot neuropathy and all my efforts with conventional doctors had failed. I was told by my primary and my diabetes specialist that they would give me a prescription for another pill!!!

A close friend who I respect told me about your practice and said you had helped him tremendously and I should stop whining, be a big boy and suck it up and make and appointment to see you. I don't do needles however my feet were hurting me night and day, to the point of affecting the quality of my life. So I called you!!!

To say I was reluctant to arrive at my appointment time is an understatement however from the moment I met your wife and you, my life has changed dramatically for the better. You examined me, explained the treatment and suggested the length of time and number of treatments I needed for my issue. We discussed cost and I decided to go forward for at least ONE treatment because I hate needles.

At the end of three or four treatments, I started to notice a real difference in my discomfort level and as you said from the begginingg I was starting to get much better. To anyone considering acupuncture I will say this, the process has little pain associated with it but the results for me have been tremendous!!!

Dr. Guo walks you through the treatment, tells you what to expect and is very gentle during the process. As the treatment proceeded he continuously wanted to know how I was feeling. and often told me additional action I could take at home.

Bottom line, at the end of six weeks I had the quality of my life back without having to take another drug!!! I'm presently on a maintenance program, I can wear my dress shoes again, the severe discomfort is totally under control and I truly look forward to seeing Dr. Guo for my maintenance appointments. I'm still a diabetic, I still have a little neuropathy, however Dr. Guo has totally got it under control and LIFE IS GOOD!!! Thank you, Dr. Guo, for putting the quality back in my life. Your talent is amazing.

With kindest respects,

John McRae



Dear Dr. Guo,

Thank you for healing my ear of extreme congestion and the sound of my heart pounding in my ear drum. I have been to four doctors prior to my visit with you and none of them could help me.
After two months of this problem it is wonderful to breathe freely and rid the noise from my ear.



Doctor Guo,

Thank you for my acupuncture treatments that help me be able to sleep again. After 17 years of different doctors and sleeping pills you are the only one has been able to help my insomnia.

You have also helped relieve the constant ringing that I had every day. It is almost gone now and I only hear it once in a while. Thank you again. it has helped improve my life greatly.




Thank you for all your good work. You have been a life saver for me.



Dear Dr. Guo,

I want to thank you for helping me recover from my Bells Palsy.

I've enclosed pictures of myself when I started coming to you and again when I left Florida and came back to New York.

I really didn't see  much improvement until I went for acupuncture. I am a believer now and any problem I have from now on I would come back to you for acupuncture.

Thank you, Dr. Guo, for helping me and a special hello to you lovely wife.




Dear Dr. Guo;

I am writing to thank you, for the effectiveness of your treatments for my knees and for reducing the ringing in my ears.

Before starting acupuncture treatments in March of this year, I suffered from pain and stiffness in
both knees. After only three treatments, I noticed a notable improvement, and now have no pain .
or discomfort in my knees.

I also suffered from a loud ringing in my ears, and while I have experienced no improvement in
my hearing, the ringing, (especially in my right ear), has decreased significantly since beginning
treatments in March.

I have referred several people to your office, and while I cannot speak for them, I can attest to the
effectiveness of your treatments for me.

I continue with acupuncture treatments on a regular basis as a preventive program and to maintain
good health. I am very pleased with the results of the program you have established for my treatment, and thank you for your caring, and personal attention.


Dear Dr. Guo,

Enclosed please find a copy of my letter to Dr Lura recommending you to his patients if the need for acupuncture should arise.

Also, please accept my deepest thank you for your help in easing my pain. came to you in tears and within the first treatment you relieved the pain so that I could function. After 3 treatments the pain was gone and I could raise my arm over my head. I have been proudly showing everyone your work.

Thank you again and I will be seeing you soon.



While in service , I developed bursitis in both shoulders. The doctor suggested surgery but having heard of some poor results decided to try to live with it. Eventually the pain was real bad and I
couldn't raise my arm above shoulder level. A friend suggested acupuncture and mentioned Dr. Guo. After about 15 treatments , I have no more pain and I am able to raise my arms all the way up.



Dear Dr. Guo,

Just wanted to drop a note to say how pleased I was with the acupuncture treatment for my back spasms. I'm a true believer!

After pulling my back lifting a heavy load, I was recommended to first my primary who gave me muscle relaxants, I then went to a very reputable chiropractor who stretched and manipulated every muscle in my back ... all with no relief to the pain. I literally walked into your office on crutches and 1 hour later, walked out on my own pain free!

I can't thank you enough and have and will continue to recommend you to all my friends and family.



I came to Dr. Guo for treatment of right hip pain in April, 2005. The pain was debilitating in restricting activity, and continual regarding sitting, standing, and finding comfort in a position to sleep. I had had this pain for 15-20 years. After 2 acupuncture treatments, I felt amazing improvement. I had no pain for up to 6 hours. After 4 treatments, the pain had completely disappeared , and I am continuing pain free to date.

Since then , I have begun treatment for restricted urine flow because of prostate gland enlargement (BPH). This condition, for many years, has forced me to get up at night 2-3 times per night to urinate. After 4 treatments, I am now getting up 1-2 times nightly, and am continuing treatment to improve even further.

I enthusiastically recommend acupuncture treatments with the gentle Tong Guo, with the kind assistance of his wife Qiu , for either condition .



Dear Doctor Guo,

For 30 plus years I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome. I had seen many other doctors but all they did was give me a diet and stomach relaxers. Nothing ever worked. I was unable to go anywhere without the constant fear that a stomach bout would come

In September of 2006 I was told that you had helped others with this problem. I never would have thought that Acupuncture would work on IBS. BOY WAS I WRONG!

After meeting with you I felt very confident that you could help me.

I cannot believe that in 3 months you fixed a problem I had for 30 years. Now I have a whole new life. I can go out and not have to worry anymore. I go places and do things I never would have imagined. One cannot understand how wonderful this

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. Acupuncture has definitely changed my life. I never felt so good physically and mentally. I have much more energy and a totally different outlook on life.

Thank you and Joy (for all her hugs) for everything!


Three years ago, I took a very bad fall on the dance floor in a catering hall at a New Year's celebration. I was taken to the hospital where I was told that I had broken my wrist. The wrist was placed in a cast for six weeks. I was very relieved when the cast was removed and thought my wrist would soon feel normal again. Instead, to my dismay I developed tremendous pain and lost feeling and control in my fingers of that hand, and was unable to bend my hand.

Because physical therapy did very little to help my condition I proceeded to consult with a number of doctors. Most of the advice was in the direction of performing neurological surgery as one neurologist informed me that I had apparently suffered damage to a nerve in my hand. However, I was very reluctant to undergo surgery.

I had come across an article that suggested acupuncture might help such conditions. I asked my personal physician for his advice and he told me that it was certainly worth trying this procedure before committing myself to surgery. One of my friends recommended Dr. Guo, who assured me that there was a reasonably good chance that acupuncture treatments could aI1eviate the type of problem that I had; Remarkably, following Dr. Guo's acupuncture treatments I regained feeling in my fingers and ultimately my hand felt completely normal.


As we return from visiting the site of what is to be our new house, thought of you come to mind of the long distance that may separate us when we soon move to Homosassa in west coast of Florida.

We don't want to miss your care and services that has brought so much healing and a quality of life to us which only your direction and guidance can give.

Your experience, expertise, and personal interest in the physician- patient relationship, as well as your knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, in our personal opinion, has no equal.

Since we wish no distance or time deprive us of your friendship and medical care service that we may also keep enjoying the health every one longs to have, would you please make sure to find time and space in your busy life to continue being our primary doctor. We will be eternally grateful.

Mr. & Mrs. S.C,


Sorry to hear that you did not receive the letter I wrote to you on May 14, 2002. At that time I had enclosed copies of Ronald's lab report, the same ones I am enclosing now. As you can see, the ALT score went from 208 on January 22, 2002, to 111 the AST score from 106 to 64. He should be having a test soon again and we will keep you informed of the progress. Ronald also has lost some weight, which is good news. Should the numbers
continue to decline we would be very happy.

We thank you for your help and will keep you informed of Ronald's progress.



It was very bad pain in my shoulder that first brought me to your office. I had already seen three different physician's, one of which was a chiropractor. They were all unable to make the pain go away. After only one acupuncture treatment, I had relief from the pain. After a month of working with the acupuncture and massage therapy; the pain was completely gone.

I want to thank you both for the care and concern you have shown me on every visit, for my health and well being. Not only are you highly professional at your gift to heal, but your personalities shine through with a trueness of how you care for your patients.

Your compassion, patience and understanding are always at the forefront of every session I have had with you. Blessing both of you, and may your gift of healing be passed onto others in need.



This letter is to express my sincere appreciation for your services. As you know, I have a history of chronic hives which flair up every so many years. These hives are extremely uncomfortable (itchy and painful) and cover my entire body - even causing chills and dizziness. In the past, they have lasted from 1 year (minimum) to 4 years and have required treatment with long term doses of Prednisone.

When my hives flared up again this year at the end of January, I thought I would be facing at least a year or more of discomfort and interruption of my normal life. I had seen my doctor and tried using prescription allergy medicine to control them, but this was not enough. Once again the doctor recommended Prednisone treatments. I really did not want to do this because of the long term severe side effects of the drug. I received my first cycle of Prednisone for 18 days. Even before completing this regimen, the hives were back and out of control!

Thankfully, a friend at work recommended you tome. I began treatment with you on April 9, 2003 and within 3 weeks I saw a significant reduction in hives! 1 continued treatments until mid June, when you released me from treatment. At this time I am completely free of hives and am taking no medicine at all! You accomplished in less than 2 months what usually takes a year or longer with traditional allergy therapies!

Again, thank you sincerely for your efforts on my behalf. I am very happy to know that in become ill in the future, there is a safe, effective way to find relief. Actually, I will now consider acupuncture first when other illnesses crop up. I am pleased to recommend you to anyone and will continue to spread the word to those I care about.



Please accept my deepest thank you for your help in easing my pain. I came to you in tears and within the first treatment you relieved the pain so that I could function. After 3 treatments the pain was gone and I could raise my arm over my head.



When neck and , back pain began affecting my everyday activities, especially swimming which I enjoy so much, I came to see Dr . Guo. These health problems are of several years duration for which I had many , of the conventional ' medical treatments After several acupuncture treatments, I was able to compete once again in senior swim events. More recently, a nerve problem in my foot from an old injury flared up and acupuncture has given me great relief from the pain. I can't say enough about the excellent care with which Dr. Guo has provided me. I am much healthier now because of him. I feel so fortunate to know him and have him for my doctor. I am happy to recommend , this s fine doctor to anyone with health problems.



I woke up with a very severe pain in my left arm. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the pain a factor of 15! It was almost impossible for me to move my arm because of the pain.

When you suggested that I try acupuncture I was very apprehensive because of my fear of needles. So much for fear of needles! I never felt you put a needle in. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Within two hours of your treatment the pain had subsided.

The following day I was able to move my arm completely, free of pain. Since I previously had no knowledge of acupuncture I certainly now believe in you and the healing power of acupuncture. Again, I sincerely thank you for your care and concern.



Acupuncture works!

I have had two experiences with the procedure with successful results; the first time was seven years ago because of carpal tunnel syndrome through another practitioner .

On November 7th , 2008 I started treatment with Dr. Guo for an arthritic right knee. I had pain and discomfort so I had to curtail activities like golf and walking for exercise. We completed ten
treatments and I have relief. I have returned to walking on a daily basis and to golf albeit on a limited basis.

Thanks Dr. Guo for the effective treatment.



I am writing this letter thanking Dr . Guo for the help he has given me through his use of acupuncture treatments. I have been experiencing a bladder control problem for a number of years. ·My husband, Bruce, ·has been a patient of Dr. Guo's and his problem with pain had improved significantly, so I decided to see if acupuncture could help me , as well.

After about six treatments, I began to see improvement and now after eleven treatments I feel my bladder control is very much improved thanks to the doctor's expert care.

I would highly recommend someone who is experiencing a health problem to see Dr. Guo and find out whether acupuncture may be of ·benefit. I'm very glad that I did . Thank you so
much, Dr. Guo.

B & P.P.


I'm writing to thank you for your excellent and timely care of me during my recent bout of facial shingles. I'm convinced that the early treatment I received from you helped lessen the severity of the condition and I know for sure that you provided immediate relief from the pain. After only two treatments the pain was abated enough that I was able to get by with minimal oral analgesia. If I ever need any care related to nerve problems or pain control I will certainly see you again.

I highly recommend you to anyone needing such care. I am also planning to submit an article to a nursing publication about this episode and, if accepted, will get you a copy.

P.M., R.N., CCRN


We don't even know where to start to tell you how much you have helped Bill. When we first heard about "Acupuncture" Bill was in great pain and discomfort from Cancer Radiation treatments of the neck and ~throat. I (Patti), was very skeptical. How could sticking someone with needles help them feel better? On a scale of 1 to 10 (10worst) Bill was an 8 in pain. On the very first treatment, Bill walked in bent over from pain, not able to speak above a whisper and very depressed. He walked out standing straight up, with a pain level of 3 and speaking clearly. We were amazed. You started treating him three days a week during the Radiation treatments. Every time Bill met with the Radiation Doctor, at Moffitt, the doctor would say, "I can't believe how good you are doing. Of all my patients, over the years, you are healing better then any." However, the Doctor was so black and white, we could not convince him it was the Acupuncture. Of course, he could not attribute it to anything we, or he, was doing!

After Bill was cancer free, you started working on him immune system. Again, I was skeptical. How would we know it worked? Well, that was a short lived concern. You see, the cancer doctors told us that a common cold could, and probably would, kill Bill in the first year after cancer treatments. I was very paranoid. Then the unthinkable happened, my mother-in-law, two year old granddaughter and I (Patti) got Upper Respiratory Infection. I was terrified. To my amazement, the only one in the house that did NOT GET SICK, was Bill. Praise God Thank you Dr. Guo. We are so thankful for your ability. We are so thankful for your trade. We are full believers in the power of Acupuncture.

B & P.P.


As you know, I had Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH which was getting worse as time went on. At first I was taking one Flomax a day for about two years. By the time I came to you that dosage had increased to two pills a day - which can get a little dangerous after a while. What I was facing was Photosensitive Vaporization of the Prostate (PVP) - sometimes called "Green Laser Light Surgery - and that was a surgery I really, really didn't want to go through.

When you suggested I try acupuncture I had no idea that it could be an alternative for a person who is 78 years old.

I want to tell you, I am so pleased with the results. I have gone from being barely able to evacuate to a free flow. I'm not quite like a 16 year old, but I feel like one now because of your acupuncture treatments. When we started you said that acupuncture would be slow but sure. Well, I had results begin to show after about only three or four treatments. By the time we got to six and eight treatments I am where I am now and holding steady.

Thank you for your care and concern which you expressed to me as the treatments went on. I felt encouraged by the way you followed the charts I was making by recording each time I evacuated and the evaluation of how good I thought it was.



This is how Dr. Guo has helped me overcome my need for pain relievers, Let me start by telling you how this all began. I am a former EMT, and Test Design Engineer from New Hampshire.

My problems began in 1992 when I was asked to transfer a product group to a free trade center in the Dominican Republic. I was injured while retrieving my luggage from the baggage return at the airport. Just as I transferred the weight to my hips, a local woman hip-checked me and Went down. The president of the company' was visiting called her personal physician. He came to give many injections of an anti- inflammatory and pain reliever, until I could get home and see an orthopedic specialists.

Long story short with the equipment available then they found nothing broken and determined that' tore the piriformis muscle which became inflamed and pinched off the Sciatic Nerve .

After deep injections of anti-inflammatory and pain reliever and three months of physical therapy, Was able to return to work with the use of a TENS unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) which I wore for another six months.

Well unbeknownst to me or the doctor' was seeing this was just the beginning. Over the next Fourteen years' began having back troubles around the L4 to S1 Spine level, this is the Lumbar Area. I was able to keep up with the pain through the use of Tylenol and Chiropractic. However in 2006 the pain became unbearable and I could no longer work. My orthopedist tried everything epidurals, nerve blocks etc ...  Nothing seemed to work. At this point he scheduled the surgery on my back for Feb.28, 2007. After, the surgery I woke up hooked to a morphine pump. The nurses came in and informed if I had pain to press the red button on the pain pump, sound familiar to anyone who has had surgery?

Well I never pressed the button and the nurses gave me hell for not using it. I didn't know how much morphine they were giving me through this pump but I did know that my digestive system had stopped. After being released from the hospital, I wasn't in any pain or on any pain pills.

A week later I found myself in extraordinary pain, more pain then I experienced prior to surgery. I called the doctor and he put me on Oxycontin which only managed to stop my digestive tract again. So I returned to the doctor arid he prescribed Methadone and told me I suffered from F,B.S.S, (Failed Back Surgery Syndrome). Well spent the next six years on all sorts of pain killers ;ending with 300mg of Morphine a day. Needless to say I was a pretty much a vegetable! on this amount and still in pain, The pain clinic doctor wanted to implant pain pump in my back so he would be able to mix drugs such as methadone arid morphine and inject them directly into my spine. Sound familiar to anyone visiting a pain clinic?

I knew this was not a good option and returned home to begin researching morphine on the internet. To my surprise I found the pains and symptoms l was experiencing were exactly the same as the Withdrawal Symptoms of Morphine; so my wife Kathi & I started looking for a natural option and having had exposure to acupuncture, We decided on acupuncture and found Dr. Guo.

We met with Dr. Guo and explained the situation. Dr. Guo informed us he could help me but wasn't sure he could get me 100% free of pain medicine; I was however confident together we could overcome this addiction and set out on a course of acupuncture sessions with the aid of some herbs Dr. Guo prescribed.

After the first session I was able to eliminate 30mg a day, after two sessions another 30mg a day. After eighteen (18) sessions total I was able to stop al1 pain medications, much to the surprise of both Dr. Guo and my pain clinic doctor. According to my pain clinic doctor many of his patients have tried alternative methods and failed and furthermore were worse off.

This didn't deter me. I told him I was not going to fail, because the pains I was having were not breakthrough pains as he referred to them as, but morphine withdrawal. When I saw my. pain clinic doctor after the eighteen sessions he could not believe his eyes. He said I looked great, he noticed I wasn't using my electric chair or even my cane, I was standing erect and even had a smile on my face. He was of course very happy for me and said if I ever needed him in the future just call.

As of the writing of this recommendation it has been Seven Months since I stopped taking any pain pills!

Bottom line if you or someone you know is in serious pain or addicted to the pain relievers they are taking and seriously want to get off the pain meds and improve their Quality of Life. I would definitely recommend they set up an appointment with Dr. Guo!

My wife Kathi and I have since seen Dr. Guo for other health needs such as pains in the kidney area, eye infection and shingles. Dr. Guo has been successful in treating all of our medical needs.




A few years ago, routine blood work showed that my cholesterol was 283. This extremely high level was cause for great concern. My doctor immediately wanted to put me on Lipitor or a similar drug. Because I was aware of the side effects of these drugs, I decided to use exercise and dietary changes to lower my cholesterol. This approach was somewhat successful, but it wasn't quite enough. When Dr. Guo learned of my condition, he suggested that in addition to diet and exercise, I begin taking a Chinese herbal medication. With this natural medication, my cholesterol level began to steadily drop. At my last checkup, my doctor told me that my cholesterol is now down to 191, which is well within the normal range. Dr. Guo has helped me and my family with many health issues over the past several years. We deeply appreciate his expertise in traditional Chinese medicine, his wisdom and genuine concern for his patients.